PayPal is a money transfer app program. Transfer money immediately, all you will need is the receiver’s email address. With the PayPal app you’ll be able to transfer money to almost any nation on the planet. Make transfers wherever you’re, see your deal history, and pick the currency.

Features of PayPal program:

  • Making immediate money transfers.
  • Safe cash transfer – specific technologies allow assessing your information securely and reassuring safety against fraud.
  • No commissions – chance to send cash within the nation at no cost.
  • Simplified method of cash transfer all around the world.
  • Keep your trades confidential.
  • Saving detailed info regarding your transfers and obligations.

How PayPal works

How PayPal works


You do not require any particular knowledge to utilize the electronic payment method. Paypal is easy to use. To cover your purchases, you will need to supply:

  • email;
  • password.

The most important convenience of EPS is the rate of obligations. Transactions are performed as speedily as possible. Following the deal is accepted the machine transfers the cash immediately.

PayPal app

paypal app

With the support of this program, you can purchase goods bought online directly from the tablet or smartphone. It’s a user friendly interface and lets you observe the background of purchases in a handy way.

PayPal allows you to pay fast online. Make or ask a payment from the others with only a couple of taps on your device’s display.

With the PayPal program, you can track your accounts. All information is kept in a handy manner and can be clearly presented in a distinctive menu.

You may also select which bank card or account to purchase. This is possible as a result of the potential for adding an infinite number of cards and accounts into the program. At exactly the equal time, you do not need to be concerned about the protection of your personal information, since the PayPal system provides the highest degree of safety for the data input inside.

Download the PayPal Android program and cover your purchases from your mobile device safely and quickly.

Tips and tricks

PayPal App tips

  • Don’t provide your PayPal accounts username/password, pin card addresses or some other sensitive information in your accounts to third parties;
  • Use bonded protocol (HTTPS://) and see just official sites of their payment method and secured stores for this protocol;
  • If potential use”your” only IP-address (logout from home PC). If you’ll be logging in to your PayPal account from various nations (it is figured from IP-address), or there’ll be only a large number of logins from other computers, it’s possible, that safety support might guess that unauthorized persons have obtained access to your accounts. They might also block your accounts and request to send copies of your files (would you really need them) ;
  • Beware of deceptive (from mails Which Include eBay or PayPal from the”sender” column;
  • Do not use”instant” credit cards, which are usually offered on the Internet under different pretenses; don’t signify details of PayPal accounts on dubious sites and etc;
  • Opening (excluding fees for card verification ) and maintenance of an account is completely free;
  • Sending money to PayPal, conditionally free (billed by your bank or a small by PayPal itself if flipping monies in the middle exchange prices ). The commission of this machine is for the receiver of their cash, not the sender;
  • If you have some queries or something doesn’t work, you may always see”Help Center PayPal”. , to their technical assistance;
  • To send cash only know the Email of this accounts of the individual who you need to move money to. And vice versa, to obtain it, you need to present yours (NO MORE requisites to donate ).
  • To invest in online shops, nothing specific is needed except choosing the Proper payment system and logging in to your account;
  • You can cover and move cash in any money, any shop or nation (even tugriks), – capital will be changed by internal speed of your lender and PayPal.

I had been happy to let you know about this kind of quick and convenient means of cash transfer, secure payment for purchases, etc., since PayPal.

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