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As a Junior Associate at The Genesis Group, Connor Mulvey pioneered in the company’s strategic developments. As a result, he had plenty of opportunities to appear in the media as of late. Most recently, a few notable interview and article publications invited him and gave him a platform for him to discuss his professional achievements.

Exclusive Interviews

On Inspirery as well as Ideamensch, Connor Mulvey discussed his academic upbringing and how it impacted him as an individual today. He spoke heavily about the connections he learned and the internship that he landed. In addition, Connor briefly touched on what a typical day is like working in the finance industry. There is never a dull moment. More specifically, every project is perfected and every client is satisfied.

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Feature Articles

Aside from his interview appearances, Connor also guest starred in a few articles. Most notably, he gave a few opinion pieces on Patch as well as Prague Post. On these article sites, he expressed his views on the American economy and trends in the stock market. As a young finance professional, he knows first hand the ins and outs of the financial market.

Connor Mulvey as Seen in the Media


Q&A With Connor Mulvey, The Genesis Group – INTERVIEW

Connor Mulvey grew up in Chicago, Illinois, with a family who worked hard to instill the love of all things unique. He watched his parents work hard and achieve amazing things. By achieving those things, they took him through life visiting new cultures, attending the best schools, and introducing him to museums with the most exquisite art in the world.

Connor Mulvey | Exclusive Inspirery Interview

Chicago, Illinois native Connor is a finance professional with a proven track record of success managing multiple projects. He grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. In addition, he attended Loyola University Maryland for his undergraduate degree where he majored in Finance and Economics.

Connor| Crunchbase Database

Connor Mulvey, situated in Chicago, Illinois, is a graduate of Loyola University of Maryland. He majored in finance and is an expert in tren…

Connor Mulvey – Junior Associate at The Genesis Group

Recognize a hurdle and find a way over it. Then, take time to reflect on what created that situation so it can be prevented moving forward. Never allow yourself to become complacent. Mulvey grew up in the suburbs of southwest Chicago. In his youth, he displayed a strong liking for math and history. In addition, he quickly…

Connor Mulvey Offers Insight on Building a Relationship with Clients

When he first started out in his career, very few people knew who Mulvey was. That’s the case with most up-and-coming professionals. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to go from the Connor who was primarily known as a Loyola student and avid running fan to where he is today, a junior associate at the Genesis Group, LLC.

Important Finance Concepts That Younger Generations Should Know | Prague Post

With the infinite amount of relevant life lessons that the new generations must be taught, choosing which topics to cover may be difficult. Fortunately, most schools will incorporate the basics of general knowledge while the parents are usually responsible for imparting wisdom about things like respect, manners, courtesy, and so on.

How Stress and Mental Health Can Impact Personal Finance – Spirit Web

Attaining financial freedom is arguably one of the most common goals for working professionals. Unfortunately, a lot of them get swept away by life’s unexpected as well as extenuating circumstances which prevent them from reaching this objective. This is why the number of people who have to work past the average retirement age has not gone down …

Connor Mulvey – HobbyJam Exclusive Interview

Chicago native Connor Mulvey credits his ever-growing success to the values his parents instilled in him while he was growing up. He watched his parents work hard and enjoy life. Throughout his childhood, he was introduced to the need to work hard, to appreciate a good education, and the results that come with it.