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Connor Mulvey has a profound background in finance, economics, international business, as well as stock market analysis. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he has spent his entire adult life perfecting as well as expanding his professional network. He also understands the real value of a vast network of professional connections. In fact, as soon as he first stepped foot into the halls of Loyola University, he was already well underway to initiating his networking skills. Throughout the entirely of his academic journey, he became friends with most of his professors. More specifically, he was particularly close with his professors in business programs. These professors of his were instrumental in helping him secure an internship on Wall Street. Furthermore, with the help of these mentors, he swiftly secured a career after finishing his undergraduate studies.

Currently, Connor Mulvey works as a Junior Associate at The Genesis Group overseeing various projects. He manages a small team of ambitious individuals as well as spearheads various corporate operations. In addition to the contributions he has made, he also represents the company in various promotional events.

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