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Early Life

Connor Mulvey was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In his early life, he displayed a strong talent for math as well as history. He not only excelled in his studies, he also shined as a natural born leader. As early as fourth grade, he had a great relationship with his fellow students and teachers. As a matter of fact, he participated in various extracurricular activities and was the head of the Lacrosse Team.

Upon graduating high school, Connor Mulvey enrolled in Loyola University at Maryland where he double majored in finance and economics. There, he further honed his academic prowess and began building his portfolio effortlessly. He quickly began close friends with his university professors and demonstrated a keen talent for completing assignments well before they were due.

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Connor Mulvey | Career

While enrolled at Loyola University, he took an internship position on Wall Street. There, he developed life-long skills of research and time management that would later benefit his life tremendously. In addition, he forged powerful relationships with many well connected people that also worked on Wall Street. During his  time there, Connor Mulvey developed a passion for studying market trends and helping his clients place the best possible investments. He started from the bottom but quickly worked his way to the top with his sheer determination and performance.

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree and finishing his internship, Connor quickly secured a career in the financial industry. Thanks to the connections he had at Wall Street, he landed himself the title of a Junior Associate at The Genesis Group. He worked there tirelessly for 5 years and contributed to the company in one ways than his superiors could ever have imagined.  Not only was he almost always the top performer on the floor, Connor Mulvey was also a natural leader and inspired others to become more like him.

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Chicago, Illinois, Home – Connor Mulvey

In 2018, Connor Mulvey made the decision to return to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. His father could not have been more proud of him. However, he wished to have his son come back to his side so they could potentially look into starting a family business together instead of seeing him bumble around on his own in a city far far away. In his spare time, Connor enjoys playing the piano and working out. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and grabbing a beer with them on weekends.